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rifles for women
L V Seven has been a project in the making for the better part of two years.  Our parent company, V Seven Weapon Systems, has led the industry in development of new products and advanced materials for the AR market.  We've pushed the limit on what was possible to build a truly improved, superior firearm.  We build our products to be the lightest, strongest, and most durable AR's and components available.  We like to say, "lightweight with no compromises".
The large majority of our V Seven customers are men, but we are aware of the increasing number of female shooters.  Whether it's in hunting, in competition, or maybe just for fun, more and more women are becoming interested in the sport and we wanted to offer a product specifically designed for them.  So, the new ladies division was established and L V Seven was born.
From the beginning, our focus has been to create a product for female shooting enthusiasts.  No matter your age or skill level, our goal is to build a firearm that fits you.  The overall feel, the carry weight, and handling of our rifles is different than what is currently available in the AR industry.  Each L V Seven piece is designed to be esthetically pleasing, ergonomically sized and comfortable for women.
Our mission goes beyond just building pretty guns.  We want our customers to have a quality firearm.  One that will function reliably and accurately when expected to.  L V Seven rifles are manufactured to the same high standards as V Seven rifles.  We've just designed them for our fellow sisters.  Our hope is to encourage ladies to gather their girls and get outdoors.  Head to the woods, get in the field, or off to the range.  Set up some targets and knock 'em down.  We'll be out there with you.

-l v seven

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