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Friday, December 21, 2018
An interview with the owners of V Seven Weapon Systems
What is LV Seven?
     LV Seven is a special division of our parent company, V Seven Weapon Systems. It was created to be focused  towards women and young female shooters. We opened the division with a new website lvsevenweapons.com, which features our emerging line of rifles.

What makes LV Seven unique/different when compared to V Seven or any other rifle company?
     LV Seven rifles are uniquely manufactured specifically for women. By taking each piece of the AR, we re-designed it to be visually appealing to female shooters and more comfortable to handle. We softened the edges and cleaned up the tactical hardness commonly associated with AR’s.

Why did you choose the 3 calibers offered?
     We’ve started the rifle line with three calibers – 5.56/223, .224 Valkyrie, and 300Blkout. We chose 5.56 because it’s a common round popular with AR shooters. The ammo is easily sourced and rifles in this caliber are easy to shoot with very little recoil. This is why we decided to offer two rifles in 5.56/223.
     It made sense to add a .224 Valkyrie rifle to the lineup because of its longer-range capabilities. It’s a more powerful option than 5.56, yet still has a very manageable recoil.
     The 300Blkout is a larger 30 caliber option which shines when using a suppressor and subsonic ammo. When combined, the muzzle blast concussion is greatly reduced and the sound signature is significantly attenuated. The shooting experience is refreshingly pleasant for new operators, while still getting the benefits of the larger caliber.

What else can we expect from LV Seven?
     Buyers can look forward to more product options from a variety of rifles, ammo, and gear all focused towards female firearms enthusiasts.

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